Dr Stanley Mukolwe

Dr Stanley Mukolwe


Dr Stanley Mukolwe is the Director of Family Life Ministry at the Navigators in Africa, for the last four and half years.  In his own words Dr Mukolwe says his assignment “will seek to place the family and its network of relationships strategically at the center of advancing the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom into the nations.  

While institutions train leaders and nations seek leaders, we all know that what lets us down is not lack of skills in leadership. It is the character of the leader… With the help of the Lord, we shall not APPOINT or TRAIN leaders, we shall RAISE them – and the family is a great place to do that. Men and women of character are raised slowly and carefully over time.”

Dr Mukolwe holds Masters and PhD degrees in Veterinary Parasitology from Oklahoma State University in the US and is a highly sought speaker on Family Ministry, Parenting, Mentoring and Leadership Development.  Dr Mukolwe is the author of “Raising Future Parents” which is also the name of the ministry he founded. He serves on the Board of DayStar University and is consultant to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

Stanley and his wife Patience got married in 1985 and have raised three children; Mindy, Michael and Eleanor. The couple are also grandparents to Abigail and Tony.